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OptimizerGL - Large model scene graph based visualization library
Optmizer was the first API/library designed to handle truely large CAD model rendering. Central to it's deisgn philosophy was the notion that managing CAD centric graphical data structures could be exploited to optimize high prefomance rendering of large complexe model. In particular we developed an unique winged nurb data structure that could be utilized during tessellation to generate course grained "seamless/crackless" tessalation.

I was director of engineering that managed all the products related to InfiniteReality products including the next generation InfiniteReality. This was difficult time at SGI and managing this product to completion was an extraordinary challenge.

G70 shader core
I was key contributor to the design and developemnt of the G70 shader core. The G70 core was NVIDIA's first programmable shader core. It was critical that the shader core had great performance on current games with fixed function shaders while pushing the envelope on next generation shaders with branching.

G80 & Tesla - GPGPU streaming processor core
I led the G80 streaming unified compute core team. It was the worlds first fined grained super-computer-on-a-chip. The central design idea was to exploint high latency tolerance of graphics/stream processing. Rather than traditional latency queues found in prior designs a large register file and thread count was used instead.

Tegra2 GPU
I was director in charge of mobile graphics and imaging architecture and SW. These designs required architectures focused on power and efficiency over peak performance.

Tegra2 Camera and Imaging System - Motorola Atrix 4G - LG Optimus 2x - Motorola Xoom

I led the architecture team that produced NVIDIA's first shipping SOC and camera ISP. Unlike other parts of an SOC the ISP subsystem is tied to a physical input device and must be tuned relative to the devices properties. This required developing from scratch the "3A" algorithms including a number of novel techniques for automated calibration and tuning.

Lytro consumer lightfield camera - Lytro

I led the core algorithm and engineering image quality team for the first consumer level lightfield camera. Lightfield cameras allow you to refocus pictures after they are taken through a series of sophisticated image processing steps.

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