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5,949,424 Method, system, and computer program product for bump mapping in tangent space
6,002,738 System and method of performing tomographic reconstruction and volume rendering using texture mapping
6,154,215 Method and apparatus for maintaining multiple representations of a same scene in computer generated graphics
6,163,319 Method, system, and computer program product for shading
7,123,259 Reflection space image based rendering
7,263,462 Non-disruptive embedding of specialized elements
7,268,789 Reflection space image based rendering at an interactive frame rate
7,296,007 Real time context learning by software agents
7,324,106 Translation of register-combiner state into shader microcode
7,385,607 Scalable shader architecture
7,408,553 Inside testing for paths
7,600,155 Apparatus and method for monitoring and debugging a graphics processing unit
7,636,701 Query controlled behavior models as components of intelligent agents
8,004,522 Using coverage information in computer graphics


20080246764 Early Z scoreboard tracking system and method
20090154822 Image distortion correction
20090257677 Per-Channel Image Intensity Correction

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